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Hunt Property Management has extensive experience in the maintenance and protection of large and small buildings and estates, as well as of high value and listed buildings.

Ensuring your building is well maintained and protected by an appropriate asset management is of vital importance. It is the most substantial investment for most people, and as a wasting asset, it makes sense to make sure it is properly and effectively maintained, without allowing any disrepair to be left to deteriorate and cost even larger sums to repair years later.

We are aware that Residents Management Companies, run by the leaseholders themselves, sometimes prefer to leave higher value major works for a few years longer on the basis of affordability. Unfortunately this approach frequently causes the part of the building already in disrepair to fall into further disrepair and potentially costing more to repair in the end. This is also a risky tactic because irrespective of whether an investor Landlord or the leaseholders make the management decisions, a leaseholder's legal rights take precedence, which means they have the right to expect not to have to pay more than necessary for costs of repair, and they have legal recourse to challenge decisions to delay necessary work. If they win, the decision could exempt them the increase in costs caused by such delays. Which means the management company and its other members pay the difference in that apportioned share.

An important part of asset management is to have a five or ten year rolling Preventative Maintenance Plan which would allow an effective plan for the building's long term capital expenditure requirements.

Asset Management Programme

Through our asset management programme, we can help to deliver the necessary works to get the most out of your building. The agreed programme of works that we would deliver for your building assets could be reflected in the reserve fund collection in terms of improved cost planning. In this way essential projects can be delivered without affecting cash flow. However, we also recognise some properties' leases don't include a provision for reserve funds so we would work with you to plan a different approach.

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